Body By Simone - Dance Cardio DVD

Body By Simone - Dance Cardio DVD

Celebrity trainer and former Broadway dancer, Simone De La Rue and her amazing team take you through this Dance Cardio class.

This fun, joyous workout comes directly to you from her sold out classes at her studios in Los Angeles and New York City. You will dance your way to weight loss like many of her famous Hollywood clients.

This 55 minute class takes you through four dance routines, followed by toning and sculpting of the arms and abs. This high intensity workout will leave you dripping in sweat whilst burning calories, building core strength and creating long lean muscle.

The only equipment you will need is a yoga mat, towel and 3-5 pound hand weights.

Simone created this workout to challenge your mind and body. Not only do you work on your co ordination and dance skills but you use your entire body. Dance cardio is one of the most enjoyable ways to get your sweat on. Happy dancing!

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Body By Simone - Dance Cardio DVD

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